China factory Beverage Packing Machinery Helical Gear with Great quality

Product Description

Gear Basic Data

Capabilities of Gear/Spline

Internal Gears and Internal Splines

Before Sales

1. Customer provides detailed drawings.
2. Evaluate the drawing, communicate the technical and quality questions, and then make quotations.
3. face-to-face communication the not settled questions.
4. Make-up PPAP files.

1. The customer does not provide a detailed drawing and asks for design cooperation for the gear part.
2. Evaluate the drawing, simulate the optimized design, detailed makeup drawing, and then make a quotation.
3. Makeup PPAP files.

In Process

1. Communicate detailed technical questions found during process makeup.
2. Make traceability marking.
3. Make and improve complete production flow and transportation packing plan.


1. Follow the product application condition.
2. For quality complaints, give feedback within 24 hours and submit an 8D report within 48 hours. If necessary, professional staff would be in the field on the customer side, communicating and solving the problem.
3. Continuously improve machining processes, enhance product quality, and shorten lead time.
4. Visit customers abroad every year, to get better cooperation in technical, quality and commercial aspects.


Q: What should I do if I cannot identify the gear?

A: Please send us your damaged gear! We specialize in reverse engineering.

Q: Do you have a minimum order quantity?

A: Our minimum requirements depend on the parts ordered. Send us your drawings, pictures, sample gears, or specifications, and we will let you know the minimum requirements for the position.

Q: If there is no stock, how can HZPT Machinery provide such fast delivery?

A: Our unique manufacturing process, coupled with a large stock of tools, raw materials, and semi-finished products, allows us to complete orders in the shortest possible time.

Q: How to get the lowest price?

A: Increase the quantity. The more parts you order, the lower the price you get.

Q: Can I use other materials besides steel to manufacture rack and pinion?

A: The price of racks is not fixed. Generally, we need to quote according to the customer’s required parameters such as material, tooth type, module, length, accuracy, style, spiral angle, and unique customization!

Q: How to get the lowest price?

A: Increase the quantity. The more parts you order, the lower the price you get.

Q: Is there a rack and pinion on your website in stock?

A: Everything we do is made to order. All parts on our website are pre-designed and will be manufactured when ordering, so you can request different sizes of end face widths, eyelets, wheels, etc.

Q: Can HZPT Machinery manufacture Gears that are not on this site?

A: Of course! We can provide custom gears with excellent delivery options as standard gears.

Q: Can HZPT Machinery manufacture metric gears?

A: Of course! We have the tools to manufacture any metric size.