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China supplier 083 Metric Roller Chain Sprockets with Free Design Custom

083 roller chain sprockets are manufactured for metric 083 roller chain and are manufactured in accordance with ISO, DIN, and BS228 standards. Our sprockets are precision manufactured from high-quality steel, directly interchange with other manufacturers, and are engineered for superb performance and durability. Common styles of these sprockets include B-Hub, C-Hub, and taper bushed type but others are available upon request.

083 A-Plate Sprockets:

Sprocket Size Tooth Count Pitch Diameter (O) Outside Diameter (K) Stock Bore (D) Weight (kg)

083 B-Hub Sprockets:

Sprocket Size Tooth Count Pitch Diameter (O) Outside Diameter (K) Hub Diameter (N) Stock Bore (D) Maximum Bore Length Thru Bore (L) Weight (kg)
083B8 8 33.18mm 39.5mm 21mm 8mm 16mm 14mm 0.04
083B9 9 37.13mm 43.4mm 25mm 8mm 18mm 14mm 0.05
083-10B 10 41.10mm 47.4mm 28mm 8mm 21mm 14mm 0.07
083-11B 11 45.07mm 51.4mm 31mm 8mm 23mm 16mm 0.10
083-12B 12 49.07mm 55.4mm 25mm 8mm 26mm 16mm 0.18
083-13B 13 53.06mm 59.4mm 39mm 8mm 28mm 16mm 0.20
083-14B 14 57.07mm 63.4mm 43mm 8mm 31mm 16mm 0.24
083-15B 15 61.09mm 67.4mm 47mm 8mm 31mm 16mm 0.24
083-16B 16 65.01mm 71.4mm 50mm 10mm 35mm 18mm 0.30
083-17B 17 69.11mm 75.4mm 50mm 10mm 38mm 18mm 0.32
083-18B 18 73.14mm 79.4mm 50mm 10mm 40mm 18mm 0.33
083-19B 19 77.16mm 83.5mm 50mm 10mm 42mm 18mm 0.34
083-20B 20 81.19mm 87.5mm 50mm 10mm 44mm 18mm 0.42
083-21B 21 85.22mm 91.5mm 60mm 12mm 44mm 20mm 0.51
083-22B 22 89.24mm 95.5mm 60mm 12mm 44mm 20mm 0.53
083-23B 23 93.27mm 99.6mm 60mm 12mm 44mm 20mm 0.56
083-24B 24 97.29mm 103.6mm 60mm 12mm 44mm 20mm 0.56
083-25B 25 101.33mm 107.6mm 60mm 12mm 44mm 20mm 0.64
083-26B 26 105.36mm 111.7mm 70mm 16mm 44mm 20mm 0.72
083-27B 27 109.40mm 115.7mm 70mm 16mm 44mm 20mm 0.78
083-28B 28 113.42mm 119.7mm 70mm 16mm 44mm 20mm 0.77
083-29B 29 117.46mm 123.8mm 70mm 16mm 50mm 20mm 0.81
083-30B 30 121.50mm 127.8mm 70mm 16mm 50mm 20mm 0.83
083-31B 31 125.54mm 131.8mm 70mm 16mm 56mm 20mm 0.85
083-32B 32 129.56mm 135.9mm 70mm 16mm 56mm 20mm 0.87
083-33B 33 133.60mm 139.9mm 70mm 16mm 56mm 20mm 0.90
083-34B 34 137.64mm 143.9mm 70mm 16mm 56mm 20mm 0.92
083-35B 35 141.68mm 148.0mm 70mm 16mm 56mm 20mm 0.95
083-36B 36 145.72mm 152.0mm 70mm 16mm 56mm 20mm 1.16
083-37B 37 149.76mm 156.1mm 70mm 16mm 56mm 25mm 1.16
083-38B 38 153.80mm 160.1mm 70mm 16mm 56mm 25mm 1.19
083-39B 39 157.83mm 164.1mm 70mm 16mm 56mm 25mm 1.22
083-40B 40 161.87mm 168.2mm 70mm 16mm 56mm 25mm 1.30